About Us (leatherman)

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About Us

We are a new come-up shop designed to bring high quality leather goods and accessories to men across the nation.


Our mission is to provide excellence through whatever it takes. after our launch week we will begin adding new products that are researched, developed, and crafted in a manner that reflects that same excellence. As a customer, expect to wow the crowd with these products without having to worry about scaring your wallet away.

We also believe in transparency and honesty. Our products come from overseas, meaning they take longer to ship. We know this scares people away at first glance, but it is no different than importing from Italy. By buying direct from the specialized plants that produce our products, we are able to get higher quality products for a lower price compared to domestic manufacturing, AND we're able to minimize shipping costs so they remain as little of an inconvenience to you, our customer, as possible.

What Is Nubuck?

Nubuck is similar to suede in that they both are a form of processed / refined leather. Nubuck undergoes a different sanding process than suede, which makes it more rugged. You can see this in the texture of our Oxford Classics. 

I've Seen Offers Like This Before, Is This One A Scam?

See for yourself, we offer order tracking as soon as it’s available and we also have a REFUND POLICY

We offer a couple promotions at the moment and yeah, admittedly some of them seem too good to be true; Buy-One-Get-One 75% off, Just Pay Shipping, and even Buy-One-Get-One Free with certain products. HOWEVER we assure you, these deals are legitimate, you will get all the products you order. This type of business model does come with one setback... Shipping times (Que dramatic thunder and orchestral sting) BUT, waiting an extra week or so, compared to other, shamelessly marked-up brand names, is a compromise everyone in their right mind is willing to make.