About Us (livingpetrichor)

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About Us
We're a brand new shop looking to transform the lives of many by offering unprecedented access to vital mental and physical health products. Starting with Ultrasonic Diffusers like the one you see above, we believe in creating healthy environments with which to Live, Serve, and Learn with your support from purchases :)



Our very foundation is in our name, Living Petrichor. Petrichor describes the fresh earthy, life giving smell after much needed rainfall, or drought. In the same way, We are looking to be that refreshing provider after a "dry spell" of clarity and spirit, so to speak, enabling us to foster positive environments of personal growth.


What Are UltraSonic Diffusers?

Our unique products use an atomizing technique that releases essential oils in a way that is much more effective than traditional diffusers. Using a frequency of around 2.3Mhz we can achieve maximum diffusion efficiency, so the vapor is more easily spread throughout your home or office, boosting mood and focus.


I've Seen Offers Like This Before, Is This One A Scam?

Nope :) You can track your order for free from the minute you purchase. We also have a REFUND POLICY in case, for whatever reason your product does not arrive within 35 days. This shop is something I'm truly passionate about. That being said, I've also sourced these products in a way that helps prevent exploitative labor. All you have to do is pay shipping!